Close to the suppliers and close to the end user

Imagem da Close to the suppliers and close to the end user

By being located in Portugal ISAFAT is not only close to the suppliers but also close to the end user which is an added value when it’s necessary to get the merchandise in a specific place at a specific time, whether we are talking Europe or even the Americas.

In a few hours we are able to get the final product in their final destinations, being them our client’s stores, warehouses or major fashion hubs, without delays or customs problems.

The whole process works as a well-oiled machine in order to achieve the maximum efficiency. We know how deadline compliance is of the utmost importance to our clients so no minute is to waste when it comes to getting the product in the market. By being in control of the whole process we are able to guarantee exactly that.

Real-time reporting provides you with sufficient lead time to make your business decisions more effectively and free of stress.

From supplier to stores in just a few ours. Yes, we can! Ask us about our delivery times


Helping you through every step of the production process

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  • Sampling
  • Costing
  • Development
  • Production
  • Shipment