Deliver new products every week. Why not?

Imagem da Deliver new products every week. Why not?

Fashion is not static. It changes all the time and being able to change with it is very important to strive in this business. We can help our clients achieve that because we possess the means and attributes required to deliver new products even in between collections.

We have the flexibility to adjust production at any given moment. Need anything? Just gives us a call

HYPOTHETICAL CASE SCENARIO: We have delivered you a collection and some products are booming among a specific target. Why not keep them coming by adding a few more products every now and then? Why wait for the next collection?

THE ANSWER: You don’t have to. Simply ask for it and we take care of everything so that you get what you need in the shortest time frame possible.

This also true for specific references that sell out before time. Why do you have to stop selling your best seller product just because it is out of stock? If it’s the best for your business you can ask for a new shipment of this specific reference.

Helping you through every step of the production process

  • Supplier Research
  • Sampling
  • Costing
  • Development
  • Production
  • Shipment