All our experience and know how are placed at the service of our clients. We guide them through the most appropriate solutions, offer alternatives and deal with every step of the production process.

Supplier Research

Price, product quality, reliability, value-for-money, service… These are only some of the factors we take into account when choosing the right supplier for each job, based on our clients product needs, quantity and quality expectations. We are able to find the right supplier for each client, while also exploring new products and solutions that can help them go even further.


We have been working in the industry for many years which granted us access to a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers. That is why we can get an easy, fast and efficient sampling service according to each client specification. Tell us how you need, how you want it and we will get it done.


One of our main strengths is our negotiation skills. We are deeply involved in the negotiation process and our suppliers know we are acting in our client’s best interests, which means getting the best quality at the lowest price. Since we work with several suppliers we can first identify the ones best suitable to the specific request and then, take advantage of trading in large scale so our client can achieve the best offer.


A close monitor of the development phase is the best way to ensure that there are no communication errors, no mistakes or mishaps. This leads to a successful production and assures that every step is accomplished correctly and according to your time schedule.


Since we know the needs of our clients we can then pinpoint those suppliers who provide the specific goods or services that they are looking for. By being close to them, not only geographically but also culturally we know how to talk to them, how to get things going and better yet we can visit their facilities for a better quality control any time we want. To them, we are you, we are the client so only the best is acceptable.


By being located in Portugal, we are not only close to the suppliers but also close to the end user which is an added value when it’s necessary to get the merchandise in a specific place at a specific time, wherever place we are talking about. In a few hours we are able to get the final product in their final destinations, being them our client’s stores, warehouses or major fashion hubs, without delays or customs problems.

Simply put, our focus is on helping you to get the best deals

Helping you through every step of the production process

  • Supplier Research
  • Sampling
  • Costing
  • Development
  • Production
  • Shipment